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The Department of Education has provided an attractive and reasonable solution to help make repayment of student loans affordable. It all depends on what types of loans you have that can determine your eligibility...

If you are struggling with high student loan payments, you need to know this: You Are Not Alone.

In fact, you have a lot of company. Statistics show that there are over 37 million people with Student Loans which is over $1 Trillion dollars in debt. The average College Graduate has over $26,000 in student loan debt at graduation.

Student Loan Relief Services was created with one goal in mind, to help direct students to the government programs available to them.

We connect you to a qualified student loan counselor that will evaluate your loans and provide you with a FREE No-Obligation counselling session, showing you how student loan consolidation can help you.

Benefits of Consolidation

  • Free No Obligation Consultation and Analysis
  • Benefit from Department of Education
  • Government Backed Programs
  • One Low Monthly Payment
  • Loan Forgiveness Program
  • Have Your Payments Deferred